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IMID has a life of its own, and is being cultivated not only by what we do, but also by God for our children.

An important friend once told me: "It's a long rode to ho!", and I thought I knew what he meant (It's a long row to hoe.), but what he was referring to was a concept that a Sailor's son might use to describe the difficulty of releasing a deeply rooted restraint, such as pulling an anchor up from the ocean floor - which is what it really means. Though I made my way through ignorance and misunderstanding by trial and error, some of our children are still stuck in the trauma of literal interpretation with nothing but the net to secure them. I believe they'll need more Internet than we have today to keep them safe, so here's one more page.

Developments online do not clarify the ambiguity of spoken word, and if we don't teach an awareness of the diversity of life and language, and how the power of creation is marshalled by its myriad fragmentations into all manor of manifestations, the vulnerability of our own naivety will not let us rest.

We need to share how our lives, and the lives of others, transcend the use of names, labels, and even words to find real meaning. Until we're capable of enlightenment that relies on a deathless state, sacred knowledge buried by the passion play, or the tolerance of religious allegory, we must remain judgement free.

Later in life, a mentor told me to: "Take the high road." Had I understood the meaning of the words in the first lesson my friend taught, my mentor's admonition would've not only referred to a moral decision, it would've also poetically implied that we might need take a 'rode', or rope, back up - and heave ho with the anchor back to the ship from the bottom of the sea, befitting of the admonition: "Better that he be sunk to the bottom of the ocean, than to lead a child astray". Because I didn't understand the meaning of the words in my first lesson, the value of the second was not as meaningful as it might have been, and the decision to do the right thing wasn't reinforced by the gallows laughter that was begging to be heard.

We need to pay attention to this environment, and do all we can!

  • Teachers use their knowledge and experience to teach what they've learned, but God is the real teacher.
  • Obstructions we face, and what others really mean to say might not always be clear to us right away.
  • Its okay to make mistakes, but we still need to know what's really needed - if not for ourselves, then for others.
Native Dancer
If our own point of view has not been fully inclusive of others, and our judgment must include all other perspectives to fully comprehend our circumstances, then we'll need to wait until every point of view has been represented here before coming to any conclusions.
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