Another Instance of ID

IMID LtdWhile you establish your own point of view, you may not hear the music, see the play, or understand the poet that is reaching out to you as you do.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion - even as you establish your own.

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Using an effect such as dimming the lights in an Opera House before the show begins, or presenting a combination of elements the viewer can control allows the viewer to understand something based upon the interactive choices he or she made. Understandings that cannot be accomplished by an author-controlled, author-driven presentation.

Here's an example of how triggering an event by yourself can help you to understand a concept beyond words. Consider what the words say: roll over - click through, and consider again. Beyond the use of words!

"We built our own point of view, and began to see our true perspectives for the first time."

Internet Identity Technology

Web DevelopmentIMID Ltd is the current life form of a business established at Berkeley California in 1996 called The Media Development Group.

IMID is developing with a Mac Apache and provides Marketing and Consultation for Web Design and Web Development. A fully self reliant Web Development Service carefully employed with over 20 years of experience to bring you persistent, and verifiable results - fail-safe for you and your business.

Ultimately, I M I D  answers for the question: "Who do you say I am?" Various agencies, and professions have codified Identity, and the Freedom of Information Act  brought transparency to systems that do, but the work we were given by God - to name the creations is continually being challenged by those who've been named. We support the opportunity to respond.

In moments of arrogance, it has become reputation management, but we hope to become the very best God intended for us to be, rather than what others perceive us to be. We may be better able to narrow the gap by use of these virtual visualizations, but our goal is to actualize the reality of what we are working.

At times, we're so compromised by what others believe, that what is believed compromises who we really are, or what we choose to become. What seems to be is as important as what really is, and false impressions can rob us of our opportunities.

I began with an introduction to Multimedia Computing at San Francisco State University taught by people who helped make the World Wide Web what it is today. We learned basics, like the use of the languages HTML, Javascript and CSS, but more importantly, we learned how our new languages might serve. People like Marc Cantor, and Laurie Anderson showed us how artistic interpretations of difficult information can allow us to communicate things we can't normally say with words.