Grievance & Making the Case

Summary of Examples

Challenges on the Streets

Problem Solving on the streets is much more difficult than working in a sheltered environment, where we can sit and sketch things out. Using public terminals isn't private, and our resources and information can easily end up in the wrong hands.

Please see: Challenges on the Streets

Network Interference

The systems we use to network with can be used to target, or misrepresent us and our communications, and as a result, we can end up with the same kind of harassment and intimidation we encountered on the streets right here online!

Please see: Network Interference

The Medical Model

We might seek care from the medical system, but if we are found to be dangerous to others - in conflict, or as a victim of duress, our reputation may be ruined all over the world.

Please See: The Medical Model

Rights of Passage

How do we make complaints without getting killed? How do we prepare? Why isn't anyone listening to me? Answers to these questions and many more Survival Tactics; suggestions for how to air your grievance while staying safe and constructive.


A description of the kinds of disruptions and interference we struggle with, and how hate and greed show up in our daily lives. Protection under the law, and how to deal with Wire Fraud, Identity Theft and other hazards of the industry.

Please See: Sabotage

Dedicated Support

Scope of Practice

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