Another Instance of ID

IMID LtdIMID Ltd, the current life form of a business established at Berkeley California in 1996.

Attenuated by the most challenging projects the Internet has ever endeavored.

Brings you persistent, and verifiable results for you and your business.



Manage your reputation by migrating to a virtual identity that can be relied upon with your own domain, on your own server.

Due to the nature of web development, graphic design and artistic endeavor - where not all possible conditions can be predetermined, IMID will not be liable for work not outlined in the scope of this bid. Any additional development, artistic, or creative endeavor will need to be defined in another requirements document, or redefined in this one.

You may revise a Work Order, and we will provide a new line item bid for your new requirements. IMID requires half of the development fees to begin, and the balance to go live.

Coming Full Circle

Climb, we've already been there!We'll meet for an hour or two to get your requirements clear, discuss your goals thoroughly, and draft a requirements document.

The Following Fees for Service Apply
  • Consultation Fees to develop market strategy and provide content development, including writing bids, doing market research, and writing or editing content for web delivery apply at $35.00/hour.
  • Junior Technician Fees - including website design, apply at a rate of $60/hour.
  • Senior Technician Fees for e-commerce developments, interactive multimedia or SSL publications apply at a rate of $90/hour.
  • Network Architecture Fees apply at a rate of $120/hour.

The following terms include an estimate of the production time and costs required to accomplish the goals identified above. The items you choose are up to you. Helping you to achieve your priorities as 'the client', or representative of the corporation or aggregate of 'clients' is our primary objective.

  1. Email Template Design and Development: 2 hours (Consultation Fees Apply)
  2. Landing Page Development: 2 hours (Consultation Fees Apply)
  3. URL Generation and Analytics Setup: 1 hour (Network Architecture Fees Apply)
  4. Server Setup and Network Coordination: 2 hours, (Network Architecture Fees Apply) No Additional Set-up Fees if running continuously!
  5. List Management: $60/hour
  6. E-Commerce Setup and administration: (Senior Technician Fees Apply)
Choose which items you really need from the list.