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With these tools and skill sets, we can represent you with integrity
...because your happiness is as important to us as our success.


IMID, founded in 2001, by a transitional pioneer who doesn't do anything else.

  • Developing evolutionary thought based on keyword sequences.
  • Disrupting stale industries to introduce cost effective replacements.
  • Building with sustainable and affordable best practices.

Become whatever it is you dreamed you could be. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

  • Reach your people with everything you intend, and nothing you do not. Please see: Survival
  • Identify your particular adaptation and prepare it for delivery. Please see: Adaptation
  • Research your options, and develop alternatives that work. Please see: Project Details

IMID, The Identity Expert

Time saver

Cooperating with Law Enforcement proved to be helpful to me. Please see: Pleading


"I'm not a case, and I don't need to be managed!" I use these spiritual disciplines to take care of my: Fundamentals

Natural Products

Carefully chosen flora and fauna are nurturing, and sustaining. Please see: Apothecary


Preparing for a relationship has never been easier! Relate


What I really want isn't on the menu. Can I Make my own Plan?

Basic Human Needs

What I really need, is loving kindness, and healing touch! (Bodywork)


Are you prepared to make things right? Do you know what to do about an injury? Please see: Self Advocacy

Cutting Edge Biotechnology

Are you prepared to be the master of your own fate? Please see: Transpositions

Bill of Rights

Difficulty with access or treatment - have you considered your alternatives? Please see: Bill of Rights

Bespoken Archetype Development & Integral Web Delivery