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Have Healthy Relationships!

Significant relationships are perhaps the most meaningful aspects of our lives, and our ability to deal with the conflicts and disappointments along the way will be a good indication of the quality of our character.

One of the most common problems we encounter while attempting personal growth is avoidance, or denial. If our relationships are short and unresolved, or we're not satisfied with the experience, or are ending the relationship in order to avoid conflict, we are not likely to encounter anything of value with anyone else either.

The key to resolving these conflicts is found through: Self Examination.

There are also three extremely valuable tools to determine how you show up in relationships, and what you might need to do to be confident about yourself as you pursue a partner in the world.

A simple classification of love styles, or friendship types can be found with these definitions at Wiki: Love Styles

Or, for a more thorough evaluation (beware of endless evaluation, please see The Evaluating Mind) one of the most well developed set of personality traits and compatibility can be found at the Briggs Myer's Personality Inventory. Its shocking how helpful this can be when seeking a partner. There are even groups based upon personality type to help you to network with others. Point your browser to: Personality Inventory

Dedicated Support

Attachment & Personality

Our problems often stem from comparing our insides to other's outsides. Its much easier to look good on the surface than it is to feel that way, so take your time, and break your project down into do-able steps. Visualize the goal, and allow the magic to happen. Though there may be a few mistakes along the way, your every good intention will manifest a sense of accomplishment in each passage. Please see: Transpositions, or reinventing ourselves

We have attachments and baggage from our lives that result from trauma, or incidents we were unprepared for when vulnerable. These attachments are very difficult to unravel or change, and often only do so under very painful circumstances in love or life. Please see: Attachment in Adults