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Support and Conflict ResolutionWhen you go to a doctor to find out what he can to about your partner's complaint, and he tells you "its all in your head", that you have "Body Dysmorphic Disorder", where do you go, to a Psychiatrist?

Know your pain! Trust yourself!

Please see: Treatment Planning

Identifying a problem serves as a source of income for your provider and will only generate an income if you continue to seek their opinion.

If you cave in to their opinion, their approval will be based upon the use of medications prescribed to convince you of whatever it is they need to continue to generate income produced by the use of medications.

You, and your partner's opinion, will be invalidated by the use of their drugs!

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Supporting Documentation

The Dragon with the Deep Red Coy

Well-meaning people seeking to protect themselves and others have found that in order to identify a problem, one needs to perceive it in another. What we've realized about this process is that the perception of a problem is most often based upon identification with it; that is, the problem is more frequently in the mind of the person who perceives it than it is in the world.

Most of our clients will benefit from the following books, journals, articles and examples. They are useful tools for preparation to recover and transform your life. Some of our clients have died, and lack of preparation may have made their departure premature. What I find tragic about this fact is that most of them were magnanimous people of good will.

We can't stop people from using technology to be harmful, but we can point to the deaths that have occurred as a result, and the harm that is continuing. We don't want to be motivated to change for the wrong reasons, nor committed to suicide, or murder to defy them, but we ought not undertake radical transformation without consent. Sometimes, what we want is not what others would like of us for themselves.

We'd also recommend an article called Survival in the Digital Age, and the companion piece Survival Ground, to serve as early warning to others of the dangers of negativity, judgmental thinking, or the evaluation of things we don't fully understand. While many may point to this work and cite the open use of the word God, or the folly of putting faith in Him, we have yet to find a better example of Creation than the one we've been given, and cannot have contempt for the workbench we've been given to work on.

What can we do to make things right? In Brief!