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Another Instance of ID

IMID LtdIMID Ltd, the current life form of a business established at Berkeley California in 1996.

Attenuated by the most challenging projects the Internet has ever endeavored.

Brings you persistent, and verifiable results for you and your business.

IMID LtdIMID, by very implication of its name, is directly involved in Identity Management.

Whether you're looking for an investment, a business to employ your skills, or web marketing for yourself,

IMID will do everything it can to establish and maintain your identity online with integrity for years to come.

Internet Identity Technology

Archetype Development

Our preoccupation with the Internet has become so intense, that our lives are compromised by our effort to do so well. Businesses and individuals endeavoring to manage their reputations need to migrate to a virtual identity that can be relied upon by building with their own.

Throughout history, the truth has been written, spoken, and disseminated by authorities and authoritative texts to educate and enlighten. For the first time in human history, we are all contributing to 'the truth', by finding our own voice online. The truth, now a chorus of voices has become a much more valid, accurate, reliable, and accessible source uniquely responsive to each of us.

As diverse as the number of people using It, each of us only comprises a small part of what is becoming an internally consistent whole - even a shared consciousness. And as our own truth shapes and colors the whole truth, our own lives become more meaningful and valuable.

Identity Management

  • Mitigating Harm
  • Setting Precedent
  • Innovating Security
  • Conscious Automation
  • Unambiguous Archetypes

Product Development

  • Resolving Conflict
  • Proving Alternatives
  • Evolving Applications
  • Disrupting Obsolescence
  • Actualizing Visualizations

Content Development

  • Visualizing the Virtual
  • Keyword Development
  • Copyright & Trademark
  • Drafting Coherent Dreams
  • Comprehensive Sequencing