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Throughout history, the truth has been written and disseminated by authorities and authoritative texts to educate and enlighten the masses. For the first time in human history, we are all publishing in one way or another, and finding our own voice. The truth, now a chorus of voices has become much more valid, accurate, reliable, and accessible as more diverse people begin to use it.

What we put 'here', is inescapable 'out there'. When we add our content to the structures we've built, we confront it in the form of microwave radiation all around us - it interacts with us as a quantum reality! We're bombarded by its flow at the speed of light and it becomes inescapable. Blasting through the classical mechanic universe of walls and windows and creating a boundary-less environment so the stage of life is now directed by everyone involved in these architectures and what we tend to everyday!

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