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Log, or Redefine the Problem

We must do everything we can to deploy the assets of our Trust and regain the confidence of our people in order to ensure our safety and bring the truth to bear.

Archetype Development

When in doubt about a project, prepare your media and materials more carefully. (For Example: sometimes, when we're covering crimes and complaints we need to use new solutions, like locking folders etc.)

Keep a Log! And, by publishing drafts of your reports before going live, we can become better able to avoid the wrath of a new conflict while trying to resolve an old one.

For more information on the subject, please review the following options or link directly to Log & Report.

Our goal is to develop good character and resolve conflicts.

Focus Group

So far, we've become competent at solving problems like:

  • Inflammation of the body: For example, inflammation from the stress of working in a cramped environment on a phone or tablet with small repetitive movements. One of the most effective treatments can be found here: Bodywork
  • Inflammation of the mind: Dealing with fear, anger and even remorse, (anger turned inwards), is toxic and can literally burn us up. Use the tools we've developed here at: Options to address these internal manifestations of willfulness.
  • Inflammation of each other: In order to remedy conflicts or grievance and make amends we can also work on Problem Solving.


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