So is this for real, or is this just a money making scheme?

Whether you are looking for a long term investment, or a business to employ the skills you've mastered, using the net to market your business and yourself is a necessity, and for many now, a way of life that cannot be ignored. What remains on the streets has been compromised largely because we work so hard to preserve our identities online. Migrate your identity to a safe place you can tend and keep regardless of happenstance.

We can meet for an hour or so to get your requirements clear. When we've discussed your goals thorougly, I will draft a bid or a requirements document such as the one that follows:

Sample Bid

ListeningThe following defines the requirements for a IMID Ltd Email Campaign. Content and artwork will be provided by you, 'the client' and layout, design, mail server and setup services will be provided by IMID Ltd by transfer of digital material from you, 'the client' along with any instructions for the placing of content by IMID Ltd for the target market. Only you, 'the client' are responsible for approval. One company representative please. Rates apply as set forth in the General Terms portion of this document.

1. Template Selection and Development

Content presentation will complement the look and feel of you, 'the client' or 'the corporate identity', and will do nothing that the corporation does not intend. The IMID Ltd mail server will be hosting 'the client's' SMTP mail service as an alias of 'the client's' domain name, and be an actual mail server of the company for as long as the campaign needs to run. The value of this practice cannot be underestimated, though it must not be abused in order to preserve the reputation of you, and your corporate domain name. Your IP will be assigned by us, but your domain name will be used to send the mail! That's what makes it real.
Please see: Promat Direct Marketing, or IMID Direct.

1.1 Landing Page Form and Function:

a) A landing page of the clients choice will be developed to be the primary destination for the email content's click through, providing information specific to the campaign, and ideally, a single call to action, clear and easy to read, with as few distractions as possible intended to close with a clients personal information allowing for a real connection to a new client.

b) The landing page may be a form, gathering custom information best suited to filter new leads with information relevant to the clients needs, an e-commerce solution to close a sale directly, or an informative video or audio message with one plan b, such as gathering a contact email address or phone number.

2 Analytics

2.1 Analytics tracking the traffic resulting from each campaign can be followed with specific campaign reports developed by using custom URL's built into the links of the campaign email itself in order to determine the viability of each. Only the visitors resulting from each email campaign itself, and no other sources will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of each campaigns.

2.2 Access to Analytics

Numbers will be provided using an analytical tool of the clients choice.

3 Server Setup and Management

Each campaign will require server setup including network settings required to host the company email server. In order for IMID Ltd to provide this service, 'the client' will need to provide 'the client's' registrar's user name and password, and/or the domain name hosting companies username and password in order to setup the mail service for the corporate domain name and a suitable email account with the same domain name to act as the sending and receiving email address.

(The client may elect to receive these email replies directly for an additional setup fee, or allow IMID Ltd to provide the leads as they arrive to the company mail server as a forward.)

Server setup fees will apply to each campaign and for each installation however, depending upon the demand that is generated by the interest in this product and the requirements of the population of 'clients' at large, IMID Ltd may be able to provide a one time setup fee, and keep a permanent installation for each client to be used whenever necessary.

4 Email Lists

TalkEmail lists will be exclusive for the use of each client and only for the use of each client as determined by the requirements of each client. It is 'the client's' list. However, for a large population of 'clients' serving the same target market, or a cooperative or aggregate of clients with similar lists, IMID may manage the lists and serve the target market for an entire group of clients collectively, by contractual agreement.

General Terms

(Fees for marketing and consultation including writing bids, generating options, and drafting proposals will apply at $35.00/hour. Content Development - including website design, will apply at a rate of $60/hour. Fees for e-commerce developments, interactive multimedia or SSL publications will apply at a rate of $90/hour. Server setup and network architecture will apply at a rate of $120/hour.)

The following terms include an estimate of the production time and costs required to accomplish the goals identified above and may be chosen according to the priorities of 'the client' or aggregate of 'clients'.

  • Email Template Design and Development: 2 hours (Content Development Fees Apply)
  • Landing Page Development: 2 hours (Content Development Fees Apply)
  • URL Generation and Analytics Setup: 1 hour (Network Architecture Fees Apply)
  • Server Setup and Network Coordination: 2 hours, (Network Architecture Fees Apply) No Additional Set-up Fees if kept intact and running!
  • List Management: $60/hour
  • E-Commerce Setup and administration: $90/hour


Due to the nature of web development, graphic design and artistic endeavor - where not all possible conditions can be determined, IMID Ltd will not be liable for ay work not outlined in the scope of this quote. Any additional development or creative endeavor will need to be redefined in another requirements document or another signed work order with new costs and terms assigned to the new requirements. IMID Ltd requires half of the development fees down to begin work and the rest upon going live. Other terms may be established.

IMID, The Identity Expert

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