Urban Camping

We'll be wherever we need to be doing whatever we can whenever we're able.

Please write: if you'd like to join me, or take the initiative to do what you can on your own. We need your help!

Black Elk's Prayer

Support and Conflict Resolution

All over the earth the faces of living things are all alike.

With tenderness have these come up out of the ground. Look upon these faces of children without number with children in their arms, that they may face the wind and walk the good road to the day of quiet. This is my prayer; hear me now!"

What can we do to make things right? In Brief!

Everything we can!

Our way of life has been celebrated all over the world as one of freedom and opportunity, but what about freedom from want? The Lakota way of life provided for the needs of everyone. Have we? How is the freedom and opportunity of some better than meeting the needs of all?

Continuing to Heal and Empower Minneapolis

Bird on the wing

When I was asked to build a site to empower vulnerable adults and children, I began by focusing on the work of the Local Missions, and I shared information about food sources for the Food Shelves. There we found sound counseling and good food to rely upon for our basic needs, and we're grateful for the food we're granted but for the asking. Today, we're facing a crisis that can't always be addressed by appealing to social services, local agencies, or even the local Missions themselves. For many of our clients, services are no longer available for various reasons.

For example: after advocating for patients in the health care system, obtaining health care became difficult, and while working for others sympathetic to our needs, this product and the reputation of this business was compromised by malware and hacking with malice. We've only recently been able to rely upon our product again. So, we're allying in small groups of 4 or 5 like minded individuals to solve our living problems together. Please see: Cell Groups

We write anyone who might know how to confront, or challenge problems like human trafficking, and the complaints that lead to it. We work to reframe marginal activities to include more disenfranchised people, and resolve conflicts by use of the tools we publish as well.

Problem solving the Housing Crisis

When confronted by whaling children inside and outside of our homes, in food shelves and supper clubs, and members of our community are living in tent cities to avoid drug use and trauma in housing we can't afford, foreign nationals are writing and making international telephone calls seeking financial transfers to the United States. What's the motivation for these transactions? Police won't confront drug use in our buildings that's so offensive, its hard to stay sober breathing the air because a 'code of silence' is used to keep housing options available for low income families. Whaling children and others go missing because we're either incapable, or unwilling to confront the source of aggravation to meet their needs.

We've considered river boats on the Mississipi, living in RV's, shipping container homes and urban camping, but it's our own condemnation of adaptations to harassment that leads to the theft of our children, and an endless migration to new places of avoidance.

Continuing to Heal and Empower Minneapolis

Alternative Medicine Online: Virtual Solutions

If this is a life threatening problem, call the police! (Survival Tact)

What have I done? (If I'm the only person who doesn't know, I need to find out!)

Making Amends (A wise way to do problem solving!)