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First Name: IMID
Last Name: Limited
Home Address:
United States of America
Home Phone: (612) 562-5890

Title: Owner-operator
Work Address (preferred):
Minneapolis, MN
United States of America
Work Phone: (612) 562-5890

IMID, The Identity Expert

Time saver

Cooperating with Law Enforcement proved to be helpful in the long run. Please see: Pleading.


Managed Health Care isn't necessary with these spiritual practices at: Fundamentals.

Natural Products

Carefully chosen flora and fauna are always nurturing, and they sustain us. Please see: Apothecary


Preparing for a relationship has never been easier! Get ready to Relate well!


What I really want isn't on the menu. Can I Make my own Plan?

Basic Human Needs

What I really need, is loving kindness, and healing touch! (Bodywork)


Are you prepared to make things right? Do you know what to do about an injury? Please see: Self Advocacy.

Cutting Edge Biotechnology

Are you prepared to be the master of your own fate? Please see: Transpositions.

Bill of Rights

Difficulty with access or treatment - have you considered your alternatives? Please see: Bill of Rights

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