The Ten Commandments

God, is the True Source of all Healing and Transformation

Aware of the suffering caused by not acknowledging the ultimate Unity of All Being, I choose to recognize everyone as a manifestation of the Divine, and to spend more time each day in awe and wonder at God's handiwork.

Aware of the suffering that is caused when we pass on pain, cruelty, depression and despair, I choose to be conscious, and responsible to heal and transform my life and to heal and transform the larger world and the people in it.


Aware of the suffering caused by evaluating social realities, economic security, ideologies, religious beliefs, national commitments, or comparing my life to the lives of others, I choose to recognize serving God well as the ultimate goal, and to see my life as an evolution in my relationship with God and the love of each other. To stay in touch, I choose to meditate each day to contemplate the totality of the universe, and my place in it.

Do not take God in Vain

Aware of the suffering caused by religious or spiritual fanaticism, I choose to be respectful of all religious traditions which teach compassion, and to accept that there are many paths to God. I choose to acknowledge that I am not better than others and that my path is only one of the many ways that people have listened to God's voice. I choose to be mindful of my limitations with the Divine, so I will practice proof of humility. Yet, I will enthusiastically seek what I find compelling, and encourage others to explore that which has moved me.

Observe the Sabbath

Aware of the suffering produced by excessive willfulness and excessive focus on financial security, I choose to regularly observe a Sabbath during which I focus on celebrating the world rather than trying to control it or maximize my own advantage within it. I will build Sabbath through participation in my community, and will enjoy loving connection with others. I will use some Sabbath time to renew my commitment to social justice and healing, and reject the idea that talk of injustice or paths and strategies to heal and transform it is wrong. I will also set aside time for prayer, meditation, writing, reflection, and pleasure.

Honor your Mother and Father

Aware of the suffering caused by aging, disease, and death, I choose to forgive my parents.

Aware that every parent has faults and has inflicted pain on their children, I choose to forgive my parents, and to allow myself to see them as human beings with the same kinds of limitations as I have. I choose to remember moments of kindness and nurturing, and to let them play a larger role in my memory as I develop a sense of compassion for them, and for myself.

Do not Murder

Aware of the suffering caused by wars, toxicity, and explosive anger, I choose to recognize the sanctify of life, and the value of property. I will oppose violence and oppression, and those who belittle, demean, or humiliate others. Aware that violence results from lack of love and caring, I choose to show more loving and caring to everyone around me, and to take the time to get to know others more deeply.

Do not Engage in Sexual Exploitation

Aware of the suffering caused when people break their commitments, and the suffering caused by using people for sexual purposes, I choose to keep my commitments, and to be fully honest and open in my sexual dealings with others. I will rejoice in my body, and will treat others as embodiments of the Divine. I will seek joyful celebrations of sex as an opportunity to encounter with the Divine, and I will do all I can to prevent sexual abuse in adults and children, the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, and the misuse of sexuality to dominate or control of others. I will respect the diversity of sexual expression and lifestyles and will not seek to impose orthodoxies on others.

Do not Steal

Aware of the suffering caused by unjust distributions of the world's resources, exploitation, and theft, I choose to practice generosity, to share what I have, and to give to God what belongs to God, while working for a wise use of the goods and services that are available to us. I will not horde what I have, and especially will not horde love. I will support a fairer redistribution of the wealth of the planet so that everyone has adequate material well-being, recognizing that contemporary global inequalities in wealth are often the result of colonialism, genocide, slavery, theft and the imposition of trade policies by the powerful on the powerless. In the meantime, I will do my best to support the homeless and others who are in need.

Aware that others sometimes contribute much energy to keeping this community functioning, I will give time and energy to the tasks of building The Trusteeship IMID, and, when possible, will donate generously of my financial resources, my talents, and time.

Do not Lie

Aware of the suffering caused by wrongful speech, I choose to cultivate language free from hate, curse, and defiance and direct increasing love and caring in the world. I choose to avoid misleading or manipulative language, and sharing information that I do not know to be true, or which might cause unnecessary divisiveness or harm, and instead will use language to increase harmony, social justice, kindness, hopefulness, trust and solidarity. I will be generous in praise and support for others. To heighten my awareness of this commitment, I will dedicate my compositions to the holiness of language, refraining from any language that does not hallow God's name or creation and respect the power of the word to rebuild our lives.

Do not Covet

Aware of the suffering caused by excessive consumption of the world's resources, I choose to rejoice in what I have and to live a life of ethical consumption governed by an awareness that the world's resources are already strained. I choose to see the success of others inspiring, rather than detracting from my own sufficiency or abilities, and to cultivate in myself and others the sense that I have enough and that I am enough and that there is enough for everyone.