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Natural formation of entities integral to Internet communications; every instance of identity serves the other.

Archetype development for web delivery by keyword sequencing and spontaneous use of relevant terms.

Delivery of compositions despite the natural fragmentation of language, or censorship and duress.

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IMID is cultivated not only by what we do, but also by God for our children.

An important friend once told me: "It's a long rode to ho!" and I thought I knew what he meant (a long row to hoe), what he was referring to is a term that a Sailor's son ought to know: to pull an anchor up from the ocean floor. Though I made my way despite my ignorance and misunderstanding by trial and error, some of our children are still stuck in the trauma of literal interpretation with nothing but the net to secure them and I believe they'll need more Internet than we have today to keep them safe, so here's one more page.

Developments online do not necessarily clarify the ambiguity of spoken word, but at a minimum, we are capable of it here, so it's our duty to reach them with a better awareness of the diversity of life and the danger of fragmenting language.

Have we given everyone the opportunity to be heard? Have we been inclusive of others? Or will we have to wait for some points of view because others won't listen? Here, we can share our lives to transcend the use of names, labels and even words to find real meaning, but until we're capable of forgiveness in a deathless state, sacred knowledge may be buried by the passion play due to the intolerance of religious allegory, so we reserve our judgment.

Then later in life, a mentor told me to: "Take the high road." And had I understood the meaning of the first lesson my friend taught, my mentor's admonition would've not only referred to a moral decision, it would've also poetically implied that we may need take a 'rode', or rope, back up to the ship from the bottom of the sea, befitting of the admonition: "Better to be sunk to the bottom of the sea, than to lead a child astray".

We need to pay attention to this environment, and do all we can!

  • Teachers use their knowledge and experience to teach what they've learned, but God is the real teacher.
  • Obstructions we face and what others really mean might not always be clear right away, but mystery is okay!
  • And it's okay to make mistakes, but we still do what's needed for others, if not for ourselves.

Please see also: Broken Arrow at Sea "The Sinking of The Skyhawk". Though this incident may be unrelated, the injury of my friend took place at about the same time.

Native Dancer

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