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Seemingly in a dream, I met you here!

When script is cast in our light, new understandings reach my mind. Teach me your medicine! Teach me to dance!


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A boy confronted by belittlement challenges his Father to make things right, and is sent to protect and defend patients in the medical profession. While challenging the Health Care System, he alienates the only people who have the potential to do anything about the problem.

His Father, realizing the boy's made a pretty good case for the patient, believes that his own peculiar adaptation with his son might be discovered by the evaluating physicians, and co-opts the system to be rid of the threat the boy's become to his reputation.

As the young man matures, he realizes that consent for a procedure that may have caused the problem, came from his Father. And that his daughters, taken by the Judge worried about what the boy would do with his low opinion, may already be with the Father, who he can't talk to anymore.

The challenge of resolving conflicts like these can met by use of Contracts, Agreements, and compliance with Publishing Standards. Legal services may not fair as well dollar for dollar, and may be even more difficult to achieve on your own. Many other forms of communication and resolution, such as telephones and email, are failing as a result of human preferences and the activity ought to be logged and tracked to prepare for legal action if necessary. Though Social Networks are working hard to abide by the rule of law, they are bound by 'Terms of Agreement' that few people understand or abide by.

A young man confesses to a physician the evaluation of a wound he discovers after finding blood in the laundry. As a result, the physician suspects his patient of foul play. The investigation of his suspicion leads the physician to evidence of his own procedure, and a child's belief that by it, he has been victimized.

Because the young man remembers his childhood discovery with shame, religious people expect him to pay for his crime by surrendering his children. And, because he blames God for the problem, he has no allies while pleading his case.

By studying the boy's Daughter to determine what the boy's done (in this case - a Daughter who has no knowledge of his behavior because she was never with him), the religious can evaluate every possibile result of evaluating evidence left by the Doctor's procedure.

And while the boy challenges the physician for denying his health care, the Judge challenges the Father who replaced him to determine if that which's bad for boys, is worse for girls.

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But for the cost of a personal computer, and a few months of trial and error, anyone can join the fray to create an opportunity. IMID will be here to help you to learn how to do what we've already done, and to help you avoid a few of the pitfalls we've encountered along the way.

  • Republish your own work

    Is confrontation working? Can we really expect to use the evidence we keep? Create your message artistically to keep it fresh, and relavent to the challenges we face.

  • Is it okay to tell the truth?

    The truth works because we rely upon what we know, not what we think we know, or what others tell us. Only you know how to tell your truth.

  • Work on a Community Crisis

    When our basic needs are compromised by the selfishness of addiction, or we're confronted by violence, what can we do?

  • What if we're offended?

    Can't we work for change online? Why can't we creatively object to the corrupt influences in our lives to help ourselves?

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